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Best MMJ Delivery Services in Boulder, CO

Best MMJ Delivery Services in Boulder, CO


The passage of a Colorado state cannabis law in 2019 meant that in 2020, medical marijuana (MMJ) delivery finally became legal. The service is currently limited to a small number of cities and localities participating in this “pilot program”, but it will only spread across the state in years to come.

While recreational delivery will have to wait until the end of 2021 to come into effect, and probably will follow the same gradual model based on local consent, the new medical marijuana delivery law has been an enormous relief to MMJ patients living in the city of Boulder.

Many may look at marijuana delivery as just another convenient option in the still-expanding cannabis economy.

However, for medical marijuana patients unable to leave their homes due to illness or mobility issues, cannabis delivery is a godsend. It allows them to receive life-changing medicine without risking their health or their dignity by having to travel to a dispensary. It’s a humane, compassionate, and necessary service that makes sure that those with medical issues don’t suffer unnecessarily.

Because cannabis is such a valuable and effective medicine for some patients, choosing the best medical marijuana delivery service is incredibly important.

The medical dispensary has to make sure the orders are correct every time since some patient’s biochemistry only responds to certain strains. The medical dispensary’s website has to be easy to navigate in order to place the exact order that a patient needs. The budtenders have to be especially knowledgeable in order to answer important questions about strains and products to ensure patients are getting the most effective ones.

The delivery service has to be fast and reliable, because running out of the medicine that patients need can cause adverse health issues to return and cause needless discomfort or suffering. 

Choosing the right marijuana delivery service matters.

That’s why CannaBest has compiled a list of the best MMJ delivery services in Boulder, Colorado. 

The Dandelion

The Dandelion Dispensary in Boulder, CO

Part of the Native Roots dispensary chain, The Dandelion has been voted the number one medical marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado for good reason.  

Located on Pearl Street in the historic downtown, The Dandelion is one of the oldest medical dispensaries in Boulder. They are renowned for their knowledgeable staff and reasonable pricing.

Medical marijuana patients with any questions about their products can call during business hours to speak to the staff and get their answer.  

The Dandelion offers medical marijuana delivery for any patients registered with the dispensary who are age twenty-one or older and live in the city of Boulder, Superior, or Louisville.

Place an online order for delivery any day of the week between 9:00am and 4:00pm, and your order will be processed and delivered the same day between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. The Dandelion will only deliver with orders totaling $100 or more and will deliver up to two ounces of flower to EPC patients. There is a $5 delivery fee for each order, however for new MMJ patients the fee will be waived for the first three orders. 

There are always discounts being offered online and plenty of shake for MMJ patients looking to roll their own joints or who smoke out of a dry herb vape.

The Dandelion offers a full menu of medical-grade flower, concentrates, and edibles. 

Their website also lists a number of doctors who can meet with patients in need of an MMJ card via an in-person visit or over a telehealth appointment. MMJ patients can also easily register with The Dandelion online to make the dispensary their provider. The Dandelion’s remote patient registration can either be done over the phone or by sending an email to the store’s email address. Be sure to have a scanned copy of your MMJ Card and a government issued ID. An executed version of the Center Agreement form will be provided by the dispensary, which you’ll then need to print out, sign, and scan. 

Contact The Dandelion
Address: 845 Walnut Street
Phone Number: (303) 459-4676
Website: The Dandelion

Helping Hands Cannabis

Helping Hands Cannabis MMJ in Boulder, CO

Helping Hands’ dispensary is located at the heart of Boulder. They are known for their knowledgeable staff and highly respected for their quality bud. Both a recreational and medical dispensary, they have a number of daily specials updated frequently on their website. They also offer a number of very generous discounts for becoming a member on their medical side. The dispensary is open daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm. 

If you have not yet chosen a doctor who can help you to obtain your MMJ card, just call Helping Hands and their staff can direct you to some of their preferred providers. If you already have your card, bring it into the dispensary along with your government issued ID and they’ll sign you up.

For patients with mobility issues or health concerns, they are willing to make exceptions and will allow you to sign up over email.

You’ll also have to sign over your six plants to Helping Hands as part of the membership. However, once you are a member, you’ll have access to a number of discounts on medical-quality flower. While they do not offer medical discounts on concentrates or edibles, MMJ patients will more than make up for it with Helping Hand’s cash-back program. For every purchase of $100 members will receive $10 back. 

They offer a wide selection of strains from Afternoon Delight and Ukelele OG to CBD strains such as Nina’s Web. They also offer popular brands of medicinal quality edibles such as IncrEdible chocolate bars as well as tinctures, topicals, and concentrates.  

Helping Hand’s ordering system for MMJ delivery is easy to navigate and makes setting up your MMJ delivery a breeze. There is no fee for delivery, but any delivery order requires an MMJ patient to spend $125 or more.

At the moment Helping Hands delivers every Sunday and Monday within the city limits of Boulder.  

Contact Helping Hands Cannabis
Address: 1021 Pearl Street
Phone Number: (303) 444-1564
Website: Helping Hands Cannabis

Magnolia Road

Magnolia Road MMJ in Boulder, CO

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. offers a number of options for both medical and recreational customers when it comes to strains, concentrates, and edibles. Since 2013 their cannabis-wise staff, customer service, and fantastic discounts have made them one of the top rated dispensaries in Boulder with a huge fan base. 

Founded originally as an MMJ dispensary, Magnolia Road can put you in touch with a number of providers that can help you procure or renew your MMJ card. For medical marijuana patients for whom leaving their home is a challenge, these providers also offer telehealth appointments. 

If you already have your MMJ card, all you’ll need to become registered with the grow is a photocopy of your ID and your medical card. Once they’re scanned into the system and your papers are signed, you’ll be eligible for many Med-only discounts. One of these is their Secret Stash Deal. Whenever there are deals, discounts, or sales, registered MMJ patients will receive a text with a discount code that they can apply in-person or online.

Their online ordering and delivery system is available through their medical menu on their website. They also offer a loyalty rewards program that gives discounts such as 20% off your entire order as well as 10 cent joints. You receive these after earning a certain number of points through previous purchases. 

They stock strains from Lilac Diesel to Citral Skunk, as well as concentrates, topicals, CBD and THC concentrates, and infused chocolates and gummies.

The dispensary is open from 9:00am to 9:45pm seven days a week. 

Contact Magnolia Road
Address: 1750 30th St. #84 B
Phone Number: (720) 776-5587
Website: Magnolia Road

Twin Peaks Dispensary

Twin Peaks MMJ Dispensary in Boulder, CO

The first medical dispensary founded in nearby Longmont, Twin Peaks offers a wide selection on their medical menu while still offering low, competitive prices. 

Their online medical menu is easy to navigate and shop from. The potent selection includes strains like Purple Papaya Punch. They also offer high quality shake like Bear Dance and Iced Grapefruit at discounted prices for MMJ patients that prefer to roll their own and burn it down. MMJ patients registered with Twin Peaks also receive a discount of 20% off of edibles, concentrates, extracts, and topicals.. 

Their medical dispensary is open from 8:00am until 9:45pm and is very accessible to MMJ patients with mobility issues or other health concerns. Prospective MMJ patients can register with the dispensary completely over email as long as they have their government issued photo ID and current MMJ card scanned.

Twin Peak’s budtenders have plenty of doctors to recommend who provide telehealth appointments. 

Contact Twin Peaks
Address: 900 S Hover St Unit A
Phone Number: (720) 892-5969
Website: Twin Peaks

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best MMJ delivery service can make a huge difference in a medical marijuana patient’s health, happiness, and quality of life. A delivery service has to be prompt, reliable, and able to bring a variety of reasonably priced, high-quality products to your door.

Whether you’re a Boulder, Colorado resident applying for your first MMJ card or in the market for a new dispensary, these medical marijuana delivery options are the best in town.

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