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The Best CBD Oils

The best CBD oils on the market, hand picked by our staff of CBD connoisseurs.

CBD Oil Rating System

CBD Strength

We consider 1500 mg as a strong concentration of CBD for oils/extracts that are designed for regular (non-medical) use.


The quality is determined by not only the source of the CBD, but the other ingredients as well. We prefer CBD oils that are not loaded will fillers and sourced through organic methods.


If the CBD oil is designed for a natural or non-flavored formula then we judge the taste based on the flavor of the natural hemp profile and if it’s a flavored formula we judge it on the natural taste of the intended flavor. We prefer products with no artificial flavoring.


We just the price based on whether or not it’s full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate, the amount of confirmed mg’s per bottle, whether it’s organically sourced, and how large the bottle is.