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Best Pre-Workout CBD Products

Best Pre-Workout CBD Products


Performing at your peak during any athletic activity requires a solid pre-workout regimen.

Everyone from the weekday bicycle commuter to the professional gymnast knows the importance of warming up your muscles and fueling up your body before you start breaking a sweat. 

Proper hydration, nutrition, and stretching before a workout means better performance, faster recovery, and fewer injuries. However, sometimes it takes more than just sports drinks, nutrition bars, sports cream, or established warm-up techniques to keep you at your optimal levels during and after your workout.

This is especially the case if you’re trying to improve your time, build stronger muscles, or gearing up for a competition.

That is why more and more athletes – from the evening jogger to professional football players – are turning to CBD products. 

CBD has been shown in studies to be an effective vasorelaxant, easing the tension in veins and arteries. This allows blood (and oxygen) to flow more freely throughout the body, which can improve athletic performance. CBD also reduces blood pressure, which can mean longer workouts with less stress and fatigue. It also relieves muscle and joint soreness both pre- and post-workout due to its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving effects. 

When combined with other beneficial ingredients, CBD-infused products can help prepare athletes to perform at their top level.

Whether you’re a sunrise yogi looking to gain some extra flexibility and endurance for your routine or a weight-lifter looking to prevent sore muscles after throwing an extra plate on the bar, there’s a pre-workout CBD product for you. 

That’s why CannaBest has picked the best pre-workout CBD products for athletes looking to gain that extra edge during their workout.

Pre-Workout CBD Hydration and Nutrition

Before you start sweating, you need to be well hydrated and fueled up.

Proper hydration keeps you cool, helps your muscles to stay loose, and transports nutrients throughout your body. These CBD-infused sports drinks, mixes, and bars keep you energized, injury-free, and performing at the top of your game.

NanoCraft CBD Energy Water

NanoCraft CBD Energy Water Black Cherry

NanoCraft CBD’s Energy Water’s effectiveness begins with its broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil.

“Phytocannabinoid-rich” means that the eighty beneficial cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant alongside CBD are included in the oil, along with all the naturally occurring terpenes and other flavonoids.

While they won’t produce any psychoactive effects, these cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids help guide the 10 mg of CBD per serving to lock into the CB2 receptors that are spread throughout the body.

This synergistic effect maximizes the absorption of the beneficial CBD molecules to aid in athletic performance.

Boasting a delicious Black Cherry Flavor, NanoCraft’s all-in-one, on-the-go pre-workout CBD Energy Water is infused with all the energy and performance-boosting vitamins and electrolytes you need to stay at the top of your game. This hydration solution also provides plenty of vitamin B-12 for sustained energy, as well as nitric oxide to help dilate blood vessels for increased blood flow and improved performance.

Grab a bottle to drink on your way to your workout and another for midway through.  

ZenLeaf CBD Pre-Workout

ZenLeaf Pre-Workout CBD Energy Powder

Designed for weightlifters by weightlifters, ZenLeaf’s CBD Pre-Workout powder provides all the vital nutrients required for a pain-free, energy-packed workout with no added sugars or filler.

The 15 mg of CBD per serving helps to balance cortisol levels for optimal muscle growth and speed recovery from soreness, while the broad spectrum of essential vitamins and nutrients energizes you throughout your workout.

Simply mix one serving of ZenLeaf’s CBD Pre-Workout powder into 8 oz of water and drink it down at least 20 minutes before your workout.  

Livity Foods EVERHEMP+ Bars

EVERHEMP+ Protein Bars

Working out at your top level requires the right balance of nutritious ingredients to maintain your energy levels and beneficial CBD to enhance your muscular and cardiovascular performance.

Each Livity Foods’ EVERHEMP+ Bars is packed with a variety of natural, delicious ingredients like seeds, dried fruits, and honey. They are also infused with 25 mg of full spectrum CBD oil combined with nutrient-rich hemp seed oil, a valuable source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

These bars provide a perfect balance of CBD, protein, and superfoods to fuel you throughout your workout.

Pre-Workout CBD Creams and Topicals

CB2 receptors are spread throughout the body, which makes CBD creams and topicals incredibly effective in providing targeted relief. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects imparted by these creams and topicals can help sore muscles and joints rebound before you workout while potentially preventing further injuries.

The following CBD products promote the most fast-acting and long-lasting pre-workout muscle and joint relief. 

MX Sport Extra Strength Performance Crème

MX Sport Extra Strength Performance Creme

MX Sport Extra Strength Performance Creme is specially designed to help sore muscles and joints recover pre-workout so that they won’t slow you down once you’ve started breaking a sweat.

The icy cool menthol aids in soothing inflamed joints and aching muscles as well as facilitating the absorption of CBD into the skin.

MX Sport Extra Strength Performance Creme’s balmy, soft texture is perfect for all skin types. Plus, it’s argan oil-based formula leaves minimal residue with no oily feeling.

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

When it comes to effectiveness and portability, Joy Organics’ specially formulated CBD Sports Cream is an essential addition to any gym bag.

Their compact 4 oz pump container takes up little space and contains 400 mg of topical CBD cream to relieve and restore sore muscles pre-workout, as well as menthol and camphor to cool down lingering twinges in the cartilage or joints.

Rub it into any sore areas before your workout and the CBD will keep you moving easily from that first step to the last rep.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Patch

Mary's Medicinals CBD Transdermal Patch

When you’re looking to receive the whole-body benefits of CBD in a topical application, Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Patch is the best solution.

Simply cut off a quarter strip from the adhesive pad and lay it over a vein close to your skin’s surface, such as the inside of your wrist.

The topical patch releases CBD through your skin directly into your bloodstream, providing a steady supply of the cannabinoid throughout your workout without the need for supplements or tinctures.

Pre-Workout CBD Tinctures and Supplements

When consumed, CBD’s full-body cardiovascular and muscular benefits can make a big difference in athletic performance. Because of this, it’s important that your CBD tinctures and supplements are both potent and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.

These CBD tinctures and supplements provide the fastest and most effective way to receive the benefits of CBD before your workout begins so that you can remain energized and injury free throughout.

Mendi Day Tincture

Mendi CBD Day Tincture

Founded by Olympic Gold medalist and two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe and her soccer star sister Rachel, Mendi’s CBD products are designed for athletes by athletes.

Their Mendi Day Tincture is one of the best pre-workout products to provide a quick-acting, long-lasting energy boost.

Available in both delicious citrus and berry flavors, these tinctures combine a beneficial 16 mg serving of CBD for pain relief and improved vascular performance.

Along with the CBD, they also contain the energizing, focused boost of the limonene terpene as well as the pain-relieving, inflammation-reducing beta caryophyllene terpene.

The tincture also provides a serving of energizing Yerba Mate for non-jittery alertness and mental focus. Place one dropper-full under your tongue and leave it there for rapid absorption.

MX Sport Performance Gel Caps

MX Sport Performance Gel Caps

Each MX Sport Performance Gel Cap contains a potent 30 mg of CBD in an easy to swallow gel cap designed for optimal absorption.

Once swallowed, the beneficial cannabinoid is distributed throughout your body, improving vascular performance to aid in both cardio and weight training, as well as decreasing inflammation to prevent post-workout soreness in muscles and joints.

CaniBrands Cani-Boost Oral Spray

Cani-Boost Oral CBD Spray

Compact and easy to administer, Cani-Boost Oral CBD Spray offers a lower concentration of CBD for those athletes looking to microdose their intake before their workout.

While most pre-workout CBD products administer a set dosage, Canibrands’ precise oral spray technology makes it easy to dial in the exact individual dose that you need for your own ideal athletic performance. Cani-Boost Oral CBD Spray’s effectiveness is enhanced by the addition of Vitamins B-3 for energy, as well as caffeine, taurine, and ginseng to improve mental alertness.

Available in a refreshing spearmint flavor.

CaniBrands Cani-Boost CBD Oil Tincture

Cani-Boost CBD Oil Tincture

CaniBrands’ Cani-Boost Sublingual CBD Oil Tincture is designed to replenish flagging energy levels during a morning workout or throughout the day.

The refreshing mint flavor of the quick-absorbing 750 mg CBD tincture as well as the 30 mg of caffeine per bottle provides a boost of focused energy to help you stay at the top of your game throughout your workout.

Cani-Boost’s CBD-infused MCT oil is easily absorbed directly into the body, but can also be mixed into pre-workout beverages like water, smoothies, or a sports drink.

Final Thoughts

Performing at your best during your workout requires optimal hydration, energy-dense nutrition, and limber muscles and joints. When it comes to CBD products, whether it’s finding the best topical pain relief for aching bodies or the best hydration and nutrition to enhance your cardio and power, CannaBest has you covered.

Try these products out before your next training session or athletic competition and with a little trial and error, you may find yourself blowing past your previous times, goals, or gains.

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