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Best Post-Workout CBD Products

Best Post-Workout CBD Products


Every athlete knows the importance of an effective post-workout recovery regimen after you’re done hitting the gym, the road, or wherever else you chase your bliss/health/gains.

For all the countless benefits of exercise, the truth is that it can be hard on your body. Even with proper technique, form, and preparation, muscles tear, joints grind, and cartilage compresses.

The right hydration, nutrition, and aftercare once a workout is complete can help prevent sore muscles, joint pain, or energy drops for many athletes. However, sometimes it takes more than just sports drinks, nutrition bars, or after-sport creams to deal with that wear and tear. That is why more and more athletes, from the casual gym rat to professional soccer and basketball players, are turning to CBD products.

CBD’s pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving benefits are well known in the medical community for dealing with issues such as anxiety, arthritis, or chronic pain.

These same properties, when combined with other beneficial ingredients, can help athletes to recover after a hard work-out. Whether you’re a rise and grind athlete looking to stay energized for the rest of the day or an evening jogger looking to wake up to a pain-free morning, there’s a CBD product for you.

That’s why CannaBest has picked the best CBD products for athletes looking to gain that extra edge in post-workout recovery.

Post-Workout CBD Drinks and Drink Powders

After you’re done sweating it all out, you need to put it all back in. These CBD-infused drinks and drink mixes provide exceptional post-workout hydration as well as vitamin and electrolyte replacement to aid in full-body restoration and recovery.

NanoCraft CBD Post Workout Recovery Powder

NanoCraft Post Workout CBD Recovery Powder

NanoCraft CBD Post Workout Recovery Powder’s effectiveness begins with its broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil.

“Phytocannabinoid-rich” means that the eighty beneficial cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant alongside CBD are included in the oil, along with all the naturally occurring terpenes and other flavonoids. While they won’t produce any psychoactive effects, these cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids help guide the 15 mg of CBD per serving to lock into the CB2 receptors that are spread throughout the body.

This synergistic effect maximizes the absorption of the beneficial CBD molecules to aid in recovery. The powder also boasts a heady mixture of Asian Ginseng Root Powder, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Taurine, and Bromelain. This proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids, antioxidants, natural vitamins, and nutrients supports post-workout recovery, joint care, and skin care.

Add one measured scoop of the delicious powder into 16-20 ounces of cold water for all day energy post workout.

MX Sport Recovery Powder

MX Sport CBD Recovery Powder

Tear, pour, mix, and drink. That’s how simple and convenient MX Sport has made using their individual packets of CBD Recovery Powder. Contained in each discrete packet is 50 mg of fully bioavailable CBD to aid in rapid post-workout recovery.

Each packet of Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch flavored powder (one of each included per order) dissolves quickly in hot or cold water, then gets to work immediately reviving muscles and joints throughout your body.

NanoCraft Cucumber Kiwi CBD Energy Water for Recovery

NanoCraft CBD Recovery Water Cucumber Kiwi

When you’re done exercising with a full day still ahead of you, sometimes you’re looking to grab an all-in-one, on-the-go rehydration and recovery solution. That’s where a bottle of NanoCraft’s Cucumber Kiwi CBD Energy Water comes in. With the crisp taste of cucumber and kiwi, this refreshing beverage boasts 10 mg of CBD in each bottle to help your muscles and joints recover.

Besides the beneficial CBD, the water is infused with potassium for muscular recovery, B-12 vitamins for sustained energy, and electrolytes to replace vital nutrients and keep you going throughout the rest of your day.

Post-Workout CBD Creams and Topicals

CB2 receptors are spread throughout the body, which makes CBD creams and topicals incredibly effective in providing targeted relief to aching muscles and joints. The following CBD products impart the most fast-acting and long-lasting post-workout relief.

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream

When it comes to effectiveness and portability, Joy Organics’ specially formulated CBD Sports Cream is an essential addition to any gym bag.

Their compact 4 oz pump container takes up little space and contains 400 mg of topical CBD cream for recovery, as well as menthol and camphor to cool down inflamed muscles and joints. Rub it into any sore areas after your workout and keep moving easily throughout your day.

MX Sport Roll On Recovery Gel

MX Sport CBD Roll-On Recovery Gel

This high-impact CBD topical speeds up your body’s post-workout healing process by engaging your body’s CB2 receptors.

Once you roll on MX Sport’s recovery gel, its cooling menthol delivers focused, fast-acting relief to rejuvenate aching and tired muscles right where you need it. Meanwhile, its 500 mg dose of pharmaceutical grade, hemp-derived CBD absorbs quickly into the skin’s CB2 receptors to aid in healing and recovery.

CaniBrands Cani-Mend Full Spectrum CBD Balm

CaniBrands Cani-Mend CBD Balm

Unlike most cream-based CBD topicals, Cani-Mend Full Spectrum CBD Balm is made from selected botanicals to provide pain relief, camphor oil to increase local blood flow, and beeswax to provide a thick, waxy consistency.

This formulation leaves a protective layer on the skin for long-lasting relief and recovery throughout the day. This full spectrum CBD balm goes to work instantly on affected areas, and is ideal for targeted relief on smaller muscle groups and joints.

Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream

Combining the restorative power of CBD with the natural healing power of organic menthol and arnica, Medterra’s CBD Rapid Cooling Cream provides potent topical relief for sore muscles and joints.

The rapid cooling effect of the menthol is perfect for joint and muscle support, while the combined benefits of CBD and arnica promotes recovery and healing. This powerhouse CBD topical formula is available in strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg for maximum effectiveness.

Medterra CBD Pain Cream

Medterra CBD Pain Cream

Sometimes recovering from a workout means dealing with pain, strain, twinges, and tears, especially for older athletes. Luckily, Medterra’s CBD Pain Cream is one of the most effective pain-relieving CBD creams on the market.

Combining advanced natural ingredients like jojoba and peppermint oil with proven homeopathic remedies like arnica and menthol, Medterra’s CBD Pain Cream is a powerful treatment for whatever post-workout aches and pains may arise. Available in both 500 mg and 1000 mg strength for even more effective results.

Crescent CBD Recovery Cream

Crescent CBD Recovery Cream

Small-batch crafted using only the highest quality CBD extract, Crescent Canna’s CBD Recovery Cream contains only the highest quality ingredients to aid in muscular recovery. Natural, soothing essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and spearmint cool down sore muscles and joints. Vitamins such as B6 aid in energetic recovery and MCT oil reduces inflammation.

CBD recovery cream contains some of the highest doses of CBD on the market, available in both 500 mg and 1000 mg in order to aid in muscular recovery. Rub the cream liberally into affected areas one to four times a day, especially post-workout, for maximum effectiveness.

Crescent CBD Freeze Roller

Crescent CBD Freeze Roll-on

When it comes to both potency and ease-of-use with topical CBD recovery, Crescent Canna’s 1000 mg CBD Freeze Roller can’t be beat. When used after a work-out, this compact and effective treatment rolls on smooth to provide soothing, cool relief to your joints and muscles.

Crescent Canna spent years developing, testing, and refining the perfect combination of organic ingredients like tea tree oil, menthol, and aloe vera for maximum effectiveness. The 1000 mg of CBD contained in the formula makes this one of the strongest topical treatments on the market.

Crescent’s high-quality CBD is absorbed quickly into the local CB2 receptors in the skin to provide quick, targeted relief as well as speedy recovery.

Miscellaneous Post-Workout CBD Products

Full post-workout recovery sometimes requires more than rehydration and targeted topical relief. These CBD products provide a variety of options for athletes who need a little extra once they’re finished with cardio or weightlifting for the day.

MX Sport Relax Bath Salts

MX Sport Relax CBD Bath Salts

After an extra-hard training session, nothing beats winding down your night by soaking your overworked muscles in a warm epsom salts bath. That’s why MX Sport’s Relax Bath Salts are the perfect CBD-based solution to soothe sore, aching muscles as well as boosting recovery for the next day.

Infused with rich, aromatic botanicals, the formula’s eucalyptus and lavender naturally aids in relaxation while its potent CBD restores muscles and joints. All it takes is a capful of MX Sport Relax Bath Salts added into running bath water to experience enhanced relief for bodies pushed to their athletic limit.

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Recovery Bar

Floyds of Leadville CBD Recovery Bar

Besides topical treatments, vitamins, and rehydration, your body needs to replenish its fuel after any aerobic exercise. That’s why Floyd’s of Leadville’s CBD Recovery Bar is a great option for athletes looking for a CBD-rich snack to get them through the post-workout energy slump.

Besides containing 25 mg of CBD to aid in recovery, each bar is packed with 100% natural superfoods like organic honey, organic chocolate, chia seeds, quinoa, flax seeds, and more. Each tasty, nutritious bar also boasts 10 grams of plant protein, with only 6 grams of sugar.

CaniBrands Cani-Mend Oral CBD Spray

CaniBrands Cani-Mend CBD Oral Spray

Compact and easy to administer, Cani-Mend Oral CBD Spray offers a lower concentration of CBD for those athletes looking to microdose their intake.

While most post-workout CBD products administer a set dosage, CaniBrands’ precise oral spray technology makes it easy to dial in the precise, individual dose that you need for ideal post-workout recovery and throughout the rest of the day.

Final Thoughts

Each athlete knows what they need to recover after they finish working out. When it comes to CBD, whether it’s applying the right topical pain relief for sore muscles and joints, or ingesting the hydration and fuel their body needs, CannaBest has you covered.

Try these products out and with a little trial and error, you’ll find yourself more energized post-workout for the day ahead or waking up rested and restored to chase that next runner’s high.   

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